Dismantling Assembling

Assembling and dismantling of furniture

To avoid damage during your move, it is often necessary to disassemble large furniture. If you’re not a local or don’t have the time, Packers Movers Abu Dhabi can help.

During your move, very large and difficult items have to be unloaded for transportation. It regularly happens that things are on the same floor, and then they can’t get through the stairs. This often happens in old houses. Dismantling large and expensive furniture is very important. Any lump on the road or at home can cause a lot of trouble.

Children’s rooms often have large dressers, wardrobes or cribs. Bunk beds, sideboards and built-in wardrobes are also difficult to access on the ground floor without being unpacked.

Office buildings often have large desks, cabinets, and ICT equipment. Our ICT-specific movement will tell you about the concept of moving and help you get moving. Unlocking data and telecommunications equipment and preparing accessories for removal are standard. We install and connect the device to the new workplace. If necessary, we will perform device testing and report all types of errors. Follow-up treatment with movement is also possible.

Our team of professional moving experts is experienced in moving large and bulky furniture. Prior to moving day, your personal moving surveyor will visit you to discuss your needs and assess any furniture that requires special attention. He then discusses the options open to you, such as: B. removing or removing the swing door, and provides a detailed report of your situation to the head of the relocation team.