Movers and Packers in Al Ruwais


How the packers can tabulate services and cost estimates beforehand?

  1. Distance

Distance is the basic point for estimation of charges to be levied.  In case of intercity or domestic transportation services the distance is kept in mind. The charges increase with more arguments and changes in daily commodities price hike.

  1. Quantity transportable.

Cost effective contain the quantity of material to be transported.

Cost is directly dependent on quantity and weight of the items. Which will increase the charges levied by the services providers.

  1. Cost of packing material

For safe transportation the packing material is of utmost importance and directly proportional to the price hike. It involves cartons, tape, bubble wraps, papers and glazing cloth etc. the cost of 3000 to 10000 in some pales.  As the packing material is us in large quantity the cost will be higher.


The ost also involves the use of manpower both required at the site and upon transportation to the new destination.  The distance increased the cost.  Likewise large number of manpower will be required affecting the cost of services.


This is a specialized service provided by the movers and packers for such customer who require such services of godowns during transportation.  That will also enhance the cost of transportation of material.


It is an additional service for long distance transportation.  For long distant services this is an important issue for customers to be satisfied about their luggage. If the luggage is damaged during transportation then the Insurance Company analyze the damage and arrangement payments the premium however is paid by the movers and packers firms.  This also enhance the cost of service rendered to the customers.


During transportation the physical activities by the manpower is required and payment for their services increases the cost of such activity payable by the customer.  This is required for loading and unloading for which movers and packer increase their charges.


For transportation in Al Ruwais two types of vehicles are being utilized. Movers and Packers utilize Trucks wherein multiple customers are provided services in the same vehicle thus reducing the travel cost.

Special truck – for transportation of luggage of solely one customer. It is usually costly.

Packers and movers offer collective truck services in which many customers get the services in one vehicle. It is more economical and the charges levied thereby are distributed among st the customers.

Special truck:   In this type of transportation a special truck is employed which exclusively take one customers luggage to new destination it simultaneously add to the cost and bill of dues of packers and movers. On the other hand the time period is shortened in such activity but the price is increased.

In other case small vehicle is more economical than the large one and where there are small sized luggage is, then it must be adopted for better transportation.


Time factor affects even the larger consignments. If you select the movement on Saturday and Sunday then the cost will be high as this time period is mostly utilized by the general public alike.  Above all if you select transportation from one district or province to the other then authority challan will be required to obtain beforehand as it is a legal requirement.  It also adds to the increase in bill of dues of the packers and movers.

  1. TAX

Following taxes are included in the running price of transportation.

GST: – Good and Services Tax

Toll Tax and Octroi in case of International transportation.

  1. SIGNS

It is optional and is not included in the last receipt of movers and packers.


It is a normal practice that companies and firms with vast experience claim more charges than usual. It explain the years of expertise and employment of manpower.  Therefore if your select the renowned packers and movers with vast experience then you may get more expenses.


Additional services for installation of gadgets LIKE Television, computers, Geysers in wash rooms, in-packing, without discipline, assembly, AC placement at new home and such service earn more exchequer to the firms of packers and movers.


  1. Charges of movers and packers
  2. Domestic transportation charges inland within same city.

It depends on distance in kilometers, luggage type, quantity and size for which special type of vehicle will be required.

  1. Corresponding charges of movers and packers how can it be obtained.

Charges estimation before transportation is suitable for a destined place as includes services which are cost effective.  The calculator time table is provided which helps one if services of a reputable mover and packer is required then how would be estimated cost result oriented, ease of customer that you may earmark for movers and packers from your side.

  1. How to estimate charges of shifting of domestic office.

Distance between two destinations, luggage that is transferable, manpower efficiency and expertise required during shifting of domestic office will affect expenditure. Likewise your charges may range from 4000 to 10000 in such cases.

  1. How to reduce transportation expense.
  2. Remove unnecessary items and luggage and if necessary auction them.
  3. Make a plan to this effect. Find out reputable movers and packers in your vicinity.
  4. Find out the most practicably suitable firm which may not add to your expenses during transportation. Find data available to uncover the service provider with less markup charges.
  5. Provide carton yourself for packing and it may reduce the cost of movement.


This is the earmarked and agreed amount that mover and packers will get. It is written receipt and agreement which bind together the customer and firm providing services.


During the survey, the firm representative shall visit the site house or office beforehand. Luggage will be enlisted ad measured in quantity and quality. This survey will help in estimation of cost of transportation.